Concept Petro Chem. is a petroleum refinery company, an establishment dated back in 2003. Mr. Dipesh Mehta & Mr.Pritesh Shah principal    Partner is responsible for this 09-year-old company to reach this pinnacle of success.Our company, re-refines & recycles Waste oil / Sludge oil & other petroleum products, the technology used is modern and innovated i.e. of High Temperature Dehydration plant is located at Uma Industrial Estate, Village Vasna-Iyava Taluka Sanand, Dist. Ahmedabad. Our Company also has permission/registration for clearing of Sludge/Waste oil. The plant which we have set-up procures waste/sludge oil like Which includes spills of crude oil emulsions, tank bottom sludge and slop oil generated from petroleum refineries, installations or ships;such renowned companies and re-refines & recycles. We are registered with State Pollution Control Board (S.P.C.B) & Gujarat Pollution Control Board (G.P.C.B) since 2003 and its current s.P.C.B license validity period for waste oil is for 2015 and is in accordance to the specified terms and conditions in the passbook. We have permission to procure and re-refine/recycle 12,000 KLA waste oil per annum. It also has NOC/ Authorization for collection, reception and interstate transportation for hazardous waste (waste oil) from various states in India. To conclude, we have the best of technologies, which cater to different industries, and we recycle according to the International standards and norms.
Aim / Vision / Mission
Introduction of new technologies in the re-refining, recycling industry for hazardous waste and innovating existing one to reach a pivotal platform in the longer run.
• Incine Authorisation vide letter No. GPCB/HAZ-RF-74/05/2011 dated 15-11-2011 VALID – 14-11-2016. The plant with feed    input capacity of 12000 KLA has been in operation since 2011 possessing following VALID permissions: 14-11-2016
• PermaRegistration vide F.No. GPCB/HAZ-RF-74/05/2011 granted by State Pollution Control Board Board [SPCB[SPCB/MOEF).
At Concept Petro Chem our approach is to ensure that the entire process cycle of production is environment friendly. At Each stage we take care about 100% free pollutant released to the environment. The Waste Oils generated from Power Generating Plants, Boilers who are using Furnace Oils & LSHS and Ship Cleaning operation. These oils containing approximately 20% water content, 5% Solids and 75% of Fuel Concept Petro-Chem has  recover fuel from the Waste Oil. The fuel recovered can be used for Boilers and Incinerators etc.
Licensed, Safe Pickup, Transport, Recycling of Waste Oils We are authorized by GSPCB & GPCB to lift, transport from all over the  continent of India to treat and recycle waste oils at its facility in all our India. We have trained staff members, tankers, resources, technology and project management expertise to safely lift waste oil in a very short duration.
Our company is a demanding name engaged in rendering Recycling & Refining Services. Recycling means the processing of used material into new products for preventing waste, whereas refining is the term used for purifying any substance. Our services save the potentially useful material from wastage, decrease energy usage, minimize the consumption of fresh raw material, minimize air & water pollution (from land filling) and lower the emission of greenhouse gases in comparison with the virgin production.
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